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Men's Indian Jewelry

     Men's Bolo Ties & Belt Buckles

     Men enjoy the bold look of Native American jewelry for men.  Sterling silver jewelry for men includes; belt buckles, bolo ties, and rings that are shown on this website.  (Later, men's bracelets, watch bracelets, and watch tips will be added to this site.) Hand-crafted mens Indian jewelry with heavier sterling silver, and larger stones, give a masculine look to men's jewelry.  Inlay styles from the Zuni tribe and styles in larger items in sterling silver jewelry with turquoise stones are available for men.

     Bolo ties are worn as neckties either for casual wear or more formal wear.  Just slip the bolo leather cord over ones' neck and slide or adjust the bolo design to desired position on the neck, then lock in position.

     Native American silver and turquoise belt buckles can be easily inserted on your regular belt.  (Unsnap your belt to remove your normal belt buckle, insert the Native Amerian made buckle in its place and resnap your belt.)

     Do you need a special gift for someone special?  Surprise them with a gift of Native American turquoise jewelry!     

     Click on one of the followiing pictures and browse through our silver jewelry items for men.