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Indian Jewelry Rings

      Handmade Sterling Silver Rings       

      Native American Indian Jewelry rings are available in Sterling silver jewelry only or it may have turquoise, onyx, malachite, blue denium, coral, or other stones set in the ring.  Native American jewelry rings  craftsmen display their artistic skills in the design of delicate Indian Rings or a more bolder American Indian jewelry look in unique rings for woman with larger stones.

      Zuni Indian Jewelry Rings are purchased for the artistic style made with inlaid stones and shells, or several small stones.  Indian Jewelry Rings from the Navajo Indian tribe are traditionally the bigger, bolder, look in a ring with larger stones and more silver.  The style of Indian Jewelry Rings is an individual preference.

      The black or brown spots in Native Indian Jewelry Rings is called "matrix" which gives a ring character.  Matrix may be roots or copper formed in the stone before being mined.
      A free gift box is offered with each purchase of Indian Jewelry Rings